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Clever Partners is an innovative IT company specializing in developing cutting-edge EdTech solutions. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing accessible and effective educational tools for learners and educators worldwide.


EdTech Development

We specialize in creating innovative and user-friendly EdTech solutions tailored to the unique needs of learners and educators. Our expertise includes developing e-learning platforms, mobile applications, and interactive educational content, leveraging the latest technologies such as AI, machine learning, and gamification to ensure a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Custom Solutions

Our team of experienced developers and designers work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and create custom-made solutions that cater to their unique educational goals. We offer a range of services, including software development, web and mobile app design, and content creation, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and optimal performance for end-users.


With a deep understanding of the education sector and extensive experience in implementing successful EdTech projects, our team provides valuable consultation services to help organizations identify opportunities, develop strategies, and overcome challenges in the rapidly evolving digital education landscape. We offer expert guidance on technology selection, project management, user experience optimization, and scaling solutions to reach a wider audience effectively

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Launched in 2017, YaVkursi is a pioneering EdTech startup in Ukraine that focuses on preparing high school students for the national university entrance exams. The platform utilizes blended learning techniques, combining online resources with face-to-face tutoring to create a comprehensive and effective learning experience.

In 2020, YaVkursi set a world record for the number of participants in their online trial entrance exams project and received recognition from the Ukrainian government for their invaluable contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic when the state-run trial exams were canceled. In 2022, YaVkursi became the first company in Ukraine to employ AI technology for conducting online exams, in collaboration with American partners, ExamSoft.


Launched in June 2022 as a subsidiary project of ЯвКурсі, Navchu.Online is an innovative online tutoring platform aimed at Ukrainian students of all grade levels. The platform specializes in providing individualized lessons in various subjects, led by experienced and carefully vetted teachers who have undergone additional training in effective online teaching methodologies.

Since its launch, Navchu.Online has experienced consistent growth in both revenue and user base, demonstrating its potential to make a significant impact on the Ukrainian education landscape. By connecting students with skilled teachers and facilitating personalized learning experiences, Navchu.Online is poised to become a leader in the EdTech space, with the potential to expand to international markets in the future.


War doesn't stop EdTech investments: Ukrainian company Clever Partners raises $80,000 for international expansion

April 14, 2023, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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